An exclusive turnkey business

A dolphinarium in your city!


International Nemo dolphinarium network is:

The WORLD'S largest

network of active dolphinariums

15 active

in Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan, Usbekistan and Thailand

of experience

in the maintenance and care of marine mammals


over 100 professional marine mammal trainers
over 1000 qualified specialists in various fields

We offer cooperation

1.A new dolphinarium in your city

Consultation and assistance in opening a new dolphinarium in your city, followed by the performance of our team of marine animals and trainers.

2.Existing dolphinarium

Providing a complete NEMO program. The program includes: veterinarians, water treatment engineers, trainers and their pets - dolphins, fur seals and sea lions.

Consulting at all stages
Consultations starting from the selection of site, participation in development of technical design and technological documentation, training during the project implementation and dolphinarium management process
Unique technologies
Unique technologies and knowledge necessary to build dolphinariums in seaside and inland cities
Minimum terms
The shortest possible project implementation period from the conception of idea to the opening of a dolphinarium: 6-18 months
Shows with participation of our team
Shows featuring marine mammals (dolphins, beluga whales, fur seals, sea lions) trained to perform and certified marine mammal trainers
Advanced technologies
Advanced technologies of preparing water in swimming pool for keeping of marine mammals
Scientific findings
Scientific findings in the field of dolphin therapy, including methodologies patented by the Health Ministry
Information technologies
Information technologies for ticket sales, PR technologies, marketing and promotion technologies

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Working with us, you will receive a renowned brand from a global leader, our vast experience, unique technologies and a unique business that brings joy, positive emotions and health to people

For proposals concerning opening of a dolphinarium or lease of marine mammals, call our international development department at Nemo head office.

Our contact information:

Ukraine, Odesa, Lanzheron Beach 25

+38(067) 977 77 77

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