We offer cooperation in realization of joint projects on construction and operation of Dolphinariums

Dolphinarium network “Nemo” is growing rapidly and is looking for cooperation. Successful operation of the dolphinarium is available in your city. We offer you two options for cooperation: 1) to rent marine animals together with coach specialists, 2) the opening of a new dolphinarium in your city (franchising).

Dolphinarium network “Nemo” has 12 years experience in business dealing with the demonstration of dolphins and other marine animals in the CIS and Eurasia.

The accumulated experience of our experts allows to develop within different specification of other countries and cities.

We are ready to give all necessary consultations and share with our experience in these and other areas: concept of building a business, architecture projects, scientific studies about dolphin-assisted therapy, including methods, patented by the Ministry of Health, coach school etc.

  • In cooperation with is, you are going to become an owner of attractive and successful business project:
  • We own the technologies and knowledge that allow you to build a dolphinarium in the coastal cities and at the territory far from the sea.
  • Timing from the idea to dolphinarium opening in your city is from 6 to 18 months.
  • The project is paid back quickly. Payback depends on the location and tourist attraction areas.
  • We provide you with trained and ready for performances marine animals (dolphins, seals, sea lions) and qualified professionals who work with animals.
  • We are consulting you during the preparation of dolphinarium building (the choice of the place and its research, technical design and technical documentation) and during the entire process of project implementation and management. We also provide you with methodological and practical support in the development, with technology preparation of pool water for a comfortable living conditions for marine animals, information technology of ticket selling, promotion technology and marketing promotion.

Financial conditions of cooperation

When signing the franchising and rent agreement, the initial payment of 10 000 USD becomes a guarantor that confirms readiness of your intentions. This fee will be refunded 100% in case of realization of the project during the year.

  • Requirements for the franchise partner:
  • The availability of sufficient amount of working capital.
  • Willingness to do everything possible to develop a franchise Dolphinarium and maintain its image and reputation.
  • Willingness to work in accordance with the rules of company standards.
  • Good business contacts at the level of city administration and city services.
  • Investments - from 1.5 to 10 million USD depending on the complexity of the chosen project.
  • A minimum area for development of 0.2 hectares (nearby subway, zoo, entertaining centers, shopping mall, parking – is highly desirable).
  • Basic requirements for the systems:
  • Power supply — 95 kW (power consumption), 3rd category of power supply.
  • Water and sewerage — 20 m3 per day.
  • Gas supply — 25 m3 per hour or to have central heating 200 kW per hour.
  • Sources of the income:
  • Entrance fees to the day and night show.
  • Tickets for swimming with dolphins.
  • Photo shooting with dolphins.
  • Dolphin-assisted therapy.
  • Diving with dolphins.
  • Revenues from leased premises.
  • Rental of advertising space inside the dolphinarium.
  • Sponsorship money.
  • Filming and advertising films in the dolphinarium.
  • Sale of souvenirs at the dolphinarium.
  • Cafes, restaurants, bars and fast food outlets in the territory of a dolphinarium.

In cooperation with us you get a unique business that gives people happiness, positive emotions and health. We propose to you proven and successful business idea, as well as support, education, procurement, development, marketing and advertising.