We offer cooperation in realization of joint projects on construction and operation of Dolphinariums

International Nemo dolphinarium network is expanding the geography of its presence and invites you to do business with us. A successful dolphinarium is possible in your city as well! We offer two cooperation options: 1) leasing marine mammals together with trainers for your existing dolphinarium; 2) helping open a new dolphinarium in your city with the subsequent performance of our team of marine mammals and trainers (franchising).

Dolphinarium network “Nemo” has 15 years of experience in business of maintaining dolphins and other marine mammals and exhibiting shows with their participation in the CIS and Eurasia.

Today, Nemo dolphinarium network is the largest of its kind in the world, and includes 13 active establishments in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Thailand.

During this time, we prepared and trained over 100 qualified specialists – marine mammal trainers at the Trainer School we founded.

All trainers were able to successfully apply their skills and realize their potential at Nemo dolphinariums.

Presently, Nemo dolphinarium network employs over 1000 professionals of various specializations.

Many years of experience boasted by our specialists help them develop, taking into account market specifics in various countries and cities.

  • By doing business with us, you will have an opportunity to become the owner of an attractive and successful business project.
  • We have technologies and knowledge necessary to build dolphinariums in seaside and inland cities.
  • We know how to make the period from the conception of idea to the opening of a dolphinarium in your city as short as 6 to 18 months.
  • This project pays back fast (the payback period largely depends on the location and tourist attractiveness of your place).

We will provide marine mammals (dolphins, fur seals, sea lions) trained to perform, and qualified specialists to handle them.

We are ready to consult you on preparatory work for construction (selection and survey of construction site, development of technical design and technological documentation) and during the entire project implementation and management process.

We also provide methodological and practical support in development, technology for preparation of water in swimming pool for comfortable keeping of marine mammals, information technologies for ticket sales, PR technologies, marketing and promotion technologies.

  • Financial terms of cooperation
  • 1. Upon signature of a franchising or lease agreement, you are required to pay a security deposit of 10 thousand dollars to confirm that your intentions are serious. If the project is successfully implemented (dolphinarium is opened) within two years after we signed a cooperation agreement, your security deposit will be refunded in full within one month after opening date.
  • 2. After your dolphinarium is opened and during the entire period of performance by our group of mammals with trainers, Nemo will receive 25% of gross revenues from all services provided at your dolphinarium (sources of income).
  • Sources of income:
  • Admission tickets to daytime and evening shows;
  • Tickets to swimming with dolphins;
  • Photographing with dolphins;
  • Dolphin therapy;
  • Diving with dolphins;
  • Income from leasing the premises;
  • Leasing advertising space inside the dolphinarium;
  • Sponsorship money;
  • Shooting advertising videos and films on the dolphinarium premise;
  • Souvenir sales on the dolphinarium premise;
  • Cafes, restaurants, bars and fast food establishments on the dolphinarium premise.
  • 3. Nemo does not bear any direct or indirect expenses during the construction of dolphinarium, or after its opening, or during its operation.

We also offer the option of fixed lease of marine mammals trained to perform:

Beluga whale: 20,000 dollars per month per animal

Dolphin: 15,000 dollars per month per animal

Sea lion: 15,000 dollars per month per animal

Fur seal: 10,000 dollars per month per animal

  • After signing a franchise agreement, we are ready to provide free consultations and share experience in this and other areas, in particular:
  • business building concept;
  • technical specification for design;
  • scientific findings in the field of dolphin therapy, including methodologies patented by the Health Ministry;
  • maintenance of marine mammals.
  • Requirements to franchisees:
  • availability of sufficient working capital;
  • readiness to do everything possible to create and develop a dolphinarium franchise and maintain its image and reputation;
  • readiness to comply with Nemo rules and standards;
  • good business contacts at the level not lower than city administration and municipal services;
  • your investment in your future dolphinarium building: between 1.5 and 10 million dollars (depending on the complexity of your project);
  • availability of the minimal construction site: from 0.2 to 1 ha (preferably in the proximity to Metro, the zoo, entertainment centers, retail centers and parking facilities).
  • Main requirements to engineering networks:
  • electricity supply: at least 100 kW (power consumption);
  • water supply and sewage: at least 30 m3 per day;
  • gas supply: at least 25 m3 per hour (or availability of central heating with the capacity of at least 200 kW per hour).

Working with us, you will receive a unique business that brings joy, positive emotions and health to people. We offer a time-tested and successful business idea and support in making it come true.